Men - A Call to Action and Healing

Calling forth the men that are strong enough to look at themselves in the mirror and recognize a need for change - for healing. We need to hold each other accountable, as men to each other, to cut past the bullshit distractions of work, sports, hobbies, workouts, parties, and porn addiction. To feel deeply into each other’s broken hearts and call each other to action of expression, create a container for each other to feel every single feeling, in real time, so that it doesn’t bottle up over time, numb and confuse us, and manifest in the insane and toxic way of thinking that in order to feel like a man, we have to take the power from women. We need to learn to deeply cry with each other, grieve with each other, fear and hope and dream and feel with other men, so we may have the tools to meet the others who choose us in that delicious heart-space of love, vulnerability, and compassion. It’s time to put your big boy pants on and take a deep look at who you are as a man and how you express masculinity in today’s society.

Adolescent Men

Without a ritualistic rite of passage between boyhood and manhood, too many boys become lost in this transition. I was one of these lost boys. Too often, boys learn toxic expressions of masculinity because they were never taught or shown what a mature masculine man looks or feels like. These boys are developing a man’s body without developing a man’s mind, heart, or soul. They become confused, frustrated, angry and cut off from a significant part of their soul - the feminine. It is through their inner feminine that a man is able to connect with his masculinity. Together, we can find your direction towards uncovering the powerful man that is already alive within you as you learn to simultaneously connect with both your inner masculinity and femininity.

Issues May Be Related To:

  • Anger

  • Domestic Violence

  • Fathering

  • Family Dynamics

  • Gender Identity

  • Gender Norms

  • Mid-life Crisis

  • Sexual Abuse / Trauma

  • Sex / Porn Addiction

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Stress / Anxiety

  • Substance Abuse / Addiction