Brief Overview

As an extension to couples and individual therapy, I also offer my services to those seeking support in their polyamorous lifestyle. Come solo, as a pair, as a triad or bring the entire constellation!

Session fee/length may vary depending on the number of humans in the room.

More Details

I truly believe that the structure of our relationships should be custom fitted to our individual set of needs and desires. Based off of these intrinsic qualities, I believe that people fall on a relational orientation spectrum ranging from completely monogamous to completely polyamorous. In a predominately monogamous culture, there is not much support for those practicing other romantic lifestyle choices. I work with clients to help them break free of this mononormative thinking, and live a more liberated life that is aligned closer with who they truly are. Whether you’re in an open relationship, a swinger’s relationship, a primary relationship with secondary partners, a secondary partner to someone in a primary relationship, a non-hierarchical constellation, an all out relational anarchist, etc. my doors are open to you and your partner(s). I offer my support to those clients seeking help in navigating their polyamorous relationships or interested in exploring this type of lifestyle for the first time. Common themes involved include:

  • Poly-Curious (Not sure if Polyamory is the right fit for you?)

  • Coming out

  • Opening up an existing relationship

  • What form of CNM is the right fit for you/ you and your partner?

  • Improving communication skills

  • Managing multiple relationships

  • Cultivating honesty

  • Identifying and communicating needs, desires, and expectations

  • Jealousy/compersion

  • Time management

  • Using/creating/defining labels

  • Boundary making and refining